Friday, December 02, 2005

Knitting Updates

  • I'm down to one finger to go on my Weekend Knitting tipless gloves. I cringe everytime I think of weaving in those ends..maybe they won't look so bad stringy! (UPDATE 8/2006 never got cold enough to wear, still hope for this winter)
  • Glampyre's One Skein Wonder is sitting there waiting for me to finish the gloves. I just need to add the borders to the sleeves and body. (UPDATE 8/2006 can't decide if I need to add more to it or if it will fit)
  • Branching Out Scarf was started over Thanksgiving and I've completed one section. I am using Lion Brand's Wool Ease but don't think this is the proper yarn to really see the lace pattern. I may rip it out and use some of the Softee Baby yarn in my stash. I need to dig around and see if I have a green but I don't remember seeing any. How would it look with Microspun in lime green? (UPDATE 8/2006 started this scarf several times with several different yarns, frogged every time, couldn't decide what color)
  • I have all of the yarn for the Stitch n Bitch cat bed but I don't think the orange cat will use it so I need to find another use for the two skeins of Wool Ease and 4 Boa skeins. I'm still feeling guilty for not making her this one. One thought I have is making it into a pillow that is shaped like a cat but... its blue yarns and I don't know about a blue kitty. (UPDATE 8/2006 none)
  • Lion Brand's Suede yarn with Moonlight Mohair is just sitting in a bag waiting for me to turn it into a purse. I picked up some lightweight handles at Michael's that match nice with the different shades of brown. (UPDATE 8/2006 still in shopping bag)
  • My MagKnit's Sophie bag is still waiting for me to graft the last stitches of the handle to make it whole. I have some jeans to wash this weekend and it would be a perfect time to felt it but for some reason I hate to finish this purse. Maybe because it was my first time knitting in the round? (UPDATE completed 8/2006, still needs felting)
  • I have 20 skeins of Noro Kureyon in #128 and 20 skeins of Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora in Navy. I got great deals on both but don't know what to make with them! I bought them thinking that I could resell on eBay but I really want to use them now. (UPDATE 8/2006 hidden in yarn stash, not used yet)
  • SOCKS! I have about 6 skeins of Lion Brand's Magic Stripe yarn for socks. I made it to the heel on one and then ripped it out... I think I dropped some stitches and got frustrated. I have to add this to this list because I'll be using the two circular needle and I should be done in no time. (UPDATE finished one sock 8/2006)
  • I find it amusing that the Red Heart Camouflage yarn is sitting on top of my trash can. I still plan on making some gloves for my dad with this yarn. (UPDATE moved to closet, still in bag)
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