Saturday, May 26, 2007

Moderne Baby Blanket - part 2

Slowly but surely, the baby blanket from the Mason Dixon book is creeping towards the finish.
Moderne Baby Blanket - part 2

This weed popped up near the bird feeder and I'm anxiously waiting to see if it blooms. Note the little spikes on the leaves.

Spikey Weed

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mason Dixon - Baby Blanket

I've always been intrigued by the colorful log cabin quilts so I was thrilled to find a Log Cabin knitting pattern in the Mason Dixon book.

Mason-Dixon Knitting

I wanted to start small so here is the beginning of my Moderne Baby Blanket. The yarn is a variety of colors and brands in 100% cotton. I did not test my gauge or do anything special because I was too eager to get started!

Moderne Baby Blanket

I'm telling everyone that I'm knitting the largest dishcloth EVER! The next color will be a soft purple, almost lilac, on the right side. I can't decide if I should add pink. I already know that I would like to try this again in earth tones (cream, light brown, dark brown, greens, etc).

I ran across a photograph of the apple cap that I made last year (Click here). I think these colors would look great in the same pattern. Maybe add a deep shade of blue, too.

Apple Hat - Completed