Friday, December 28, 2007

Vogue Knitting Dislikes and Other Knitting Likes

I interrupt this non-blogging, non-knitting time to say ICK to Vogue Knitting's Winter 2008 mag. Why the overexposed photos in an issue that says "COLOR" on the cover? And so many unnatural, unflattering poses. I have one issue left until it's time to renew.

Oh and, I love this one! And, what a great idea! Finally, knitty knitty bang bang's blog is making me want to rip up my blanket and use these colors. So pretty!

Okay forget the puzzle that is half completed on the table, I'm going to go pull out some yarn and try to remember how to knit!


molly! said...

hey, thanks!! i like your colors too, they are bright and springy (like your blog title suggests?). more progress pics coming soon?

springyknitting said...

Thank you Molly! No progress yet. I'm in a buy, buy, buy mode to add to my stash of magazines and yarn. I need to stop and knit!