Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fiber Trend Clogs - Completed

Fiber Trends Clogs - completed

Pattern: Fiber Trends AC-33x Felt Clogs
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino (100% Wool) 2 skeins Paprika and 2 skeins Black (both with leftovers)

I really enjoyed this project! The clogs work up quickly. I was intimated by the pattern but it was not difficult if I took it row by row. I did make some errors. When I changed colors, I misunderstood and picked up a stitch from the previous color(row) on one slipper. When it came to W&T (wrap and turns) I had no problems but I didn't know you should knit the stitch and wrap together on the next row. Maybe it doesn't matter when you felt as I have no holey areas on my clogs. Now here is the big boo boo...
  • just because other people need to leave their clogs in the washing machine for a very long time does not mean you need to do the same.
  • just because a similar felted Patons example at Michael's shows the stitches, doesn't mean your clog will have the same problem.
  • just because it says to use a small bit of soap doesn't mean you need to use a lot and then waste a lot of time trying to get the soap rinsed out.
  • just because you want to felt your Sophie bag doesn't mean you should leave your clogs in there to felt more than they need.

    My prefelted clogs went from this:
    Fiber Trends Clogs - prefelted

    to a post felt clog that looks like this:
    Fiber Trends Clogs - post felt

    That's right, they are too small. I left them in the wash to rinse some more of the soap out while my Sophie bag was finishing up its felt. The water was not very hot and I was sure they wouldn't shrink anymore....wrongo! I've stretched them quite a bit and I'm sure they'll fit someone when they dry.

    On a positive note, I love the Halloweenish colors and I have enough paprika left over to make a small felted pumpkin for the holidays.

    Dena said...

    The clogs look beautiful, but it's too bad that they're too small.

    springyknitting said...

    Thank you! I have them by the backdoor so I get to see them even if I'm not wearing them. :)