Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Knifty Knitter Pumpkin - completed

When you wrap some orange and green Caron Perfect Match yarn
Caron Yarn= Orange and Green

around one of the Knifty Knitter small blue looms

you end up with a cute little pumpkin!
Knifty Knitter Pumpkin

The pattern can be found at Provocraft's Website. It is more of a guideline than a pattern. My leaf was turning out too wide so I just wrapped until I thought it was the right size. As you can see, my stem turned out a bit tooooo long!


Amber said...

I love your pumpkin, could you tell me what stitch you used? It does not look like the ewrap stitch. Thank you for your help.

springyknitting said...

I used the ewrap but with two strands of yarn that twisted together as I loomed. It also looks a bit odd because it is overstuffed.

springyknitting said...

As the Yahoo Group that goes by the name Looming Knitting Newbies pointed out. I *did* put it together upside down...a complete accident but it works! Thanks for pointing that out, the group should change their name to Looming Knitting Pros. :)

J & J Crafts said...

The Provocraft link does not work. Can you email me the pattern? Thanks.