Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lion Brand Magic Socks - completed

Finally after almost a year of casting on, dropping stitches, frogging, casting on, dropping stitches, frogging, cas...well you get the picture.. I have completed my FIRST pair of socks!

Lion Brand Magic Stripe Socks - complete

Yarn: Lion Brand Magic Stripe Yarn
Pattern: Sock pattern from the yarn label

And the best part, I had just enough left over yarn to knit my very first sweater! Okay, it is really a Last-Minute Knitted Gifts mini sweater.

Mini Knit Sweater

What's on the needles now?
  • one beautiful dishcloth
  • one skein wonder(OSW)
  • one apple baby cap from FCEK magazine
  • one Fiber Trend's AC33x felted clogs
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