Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cat Sampler Afghan?

I posted this link last week. It is a sampler afghan by Little Purl of the Orient. I think that I really would like to do this but use some type of motifs of my cat as a remembrance. I still miss her very much. Although I know she is not in pain, I can't get to place where I feel comfort from it. When it is quiet around here, I try to think what to put on the squares. Some trees would work because she loved to run up and sharpen her claws on the trunks. Maybe some outlines of cats running, sitting, and sleeping. I'm not sure if I can come up with enough knittable ideas for an entire afghan. I'll probably want a small version, maybe twin or full size? Just thinking out loud here but may be the lighter squares can be images of her and the darker squares be cables, decorative stitches, etc. Also, there is the large bag in the Stitch n Bitch Nation book that tells you how to make a pattern for a person's profile. I would really like this and it could be used year round. I'm not sure if I can convert one of her pictures (and make it look like her). I don't want it to look like any cat, I want it to have her distinct look since it will be a remembrance.

Sometime this weekend, I'll start on my 2nd tipless glove and I'll have lots of time to think about what to make as a remembrance. If any one has made remembrances for a loved one (human or pet), I would love to see a picture!

UPDATE! I found this link about cat longevity. If you are a cat lover, you may want to check it out. By the vet records, we decided my cat was actually 21 which would put her in the 92-100 year range. We had been told that the average lived to 14-16. There is mention of an unverified 31 year old cat that looked 10. No one ever believed me when I said how old my kitty was because her coat was so soft and well groomed. Maybe if they had seen the hairballs then they would have believed it. Anyway, I wanted to post the length so I could refer back to it.

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