Monday, October 10, 2005

Knifty Knitter Links

I have a set of these for almost a year now:

Get your Knifty Knitter!

You'll find several patterns and helpful loom hints at
Ben Franklin Crafts has some cute pumpkin patterns.
Also, they have photos for those of you learning to use your Knifty Knitters:

Of course you'll need a spider to go along with your pumpkin so check out Provocraft's site for Samuel the Spider:
Provocraft has many more patterns on their website including a Shrug pattern that looks promising. Others include: several shawls, patriotic tree, mittens, washcloths, hair scarf, United States flag, hats, scarves, backpack, poncho, purses, slippers, booties, and even a neck pillow.

There is a new web ring for loom knitters! Click here for the main page or Click here for a list of websites in the ring. Are you feeling wild and crazy? If so, click here to visit a random website in the Knitting Without Needles web ring! If you're looking for inspiration or motivation to start a new project. I highly recommend blogs. They show you what others have made, the colors they have used, and start you thinking that "Hey I can do that, too!". Make sure you read A Stitch in Time. The 11/29/2005 post has some beautiful purses that were made on the yellow loom and then felted.

Yahoo has a great group for Knifty Knitters. Check out the Files folder for patterns and the Photos folder for ideas!

Click here to join kniftyknitterlooms

Click to join kniftyknitterlooms

Don't miss out on the patterns by Carrie. She can be found at the Knifty Knitter Yahoo Group, too!

You can also find several loom patterns and instructions at Bev's:

Michael's carries a $1 pattern book for the beginner. I noticed this weekend that Wal-Mart has a book as well. Happy Knifty Knitting!

  • is partnership with JoAnn Fabrics is selling the Knifty Knitter Pamphlet (instructions and a few patterns). The shipping is more than the cost of the book (and the book is only $1 at the stores) but if you're already thinking of placing an order, you may want to add the pamphlet. If you're giving a Knifty Knitter set for the holidays then you may want to get the Knifty Knitter Pamphlet.

  • is also offering the Knifty Knitter Long Loom. I haven't seen a book/pamphlet for it. There are websites with instructions. If anyone has one, I'd love to see the projects you've created with it. Please post a link to your pictures or blog in the comment section.

  • Are you tired of using your round looms alone? On your next order at, you can throw in an extra Loom Hook.

    HR said...

    Hello. I just got the knifty knitter. I am not a knitter and this is my first time. I knitted a beautiful long scarf and took it off of the loom only to have it all come unraveled because I did not know how to finish it so this won't happen. I have searched the web to find instructions for this and cannot. Can you help me find simple directions that someone like me who is a super beginner can understand so I won't have to cry again?! :-) thanks Hr

    Springy said...

    Oh no, how frustrating that must have been for you! Before you remove your knitting from the Knifty Knitter, you'll need to bind off the stitches on your pegs. Here are two commonly used bind-off methods for the Knifty Knitter. I hope these help!

    GATHERING METHOD: To gather the ends together (like you would do at the top of a hat or on a closed tube scarf) look at this website:

    FLAT REMOVAL METHOD: To leave the ends of the scarf open (like a tube) look at this website:

    PKN said...

    Hi, I just got my knifty knitter yesterday and made two hats but want to make adult slippers with pom poms.
    The only free pattern I can find appears to be for baby booties.
    Thought I saw a pattern before I bought the looms but can't find it now....
    Can anyone direct me to the pattern?

    Springy said...

    I made my slippers using cputzier's pattern from the Knifty Knitter Looms Yahoo Group. You can also find the Two Tone Slippers with Heel pattern on her website. I hope this helps!

    Anonymous said...

    I am an experianced knitter with needles and i wanted this so i got it....... I went on a site so i could learn how to make my mom slippers for Christmas. I've been looking around and i ended up here . I ned how to learn different stitches so a kid can learn. LET ME REPEAT SO A KID CAN LEARN HOW TO MAKE DIFFERENT STITCHES, so do you think you can help. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anonymous said...

    i need help you still never answered me