Monday, October 17, 2005

Peaceful Palms Patterns

I spent more time flipping through knitting magazines and books than knitting over the weekend. Here are the patterns I found:

  • Family Circle Easy Knitting Holiday 2005 - Wristlets (Lion Brand insert)
  • Big Book of Knitting - Gloves (page 208)
  • Interweave Knits Fall 2005 - Creative Focus Chunky Fingerless Mitts (page 7)
  • Weekend Knitting - Fingerless Garter-Cuff Gloves (page 104)

    Since this is my first pair of gloves, I chose the Weekend Knitting pattern using Red Heart's Luster Sheen in Persimmon on one size 6 circular needle (Magic Loop). My gauge is close and if anything they may be a little large which to me is better than too small. I do have a ladder on each side so I may switch over to nonaknits' two circular tutorial.

    It is more of a peach than pink color.

    UPDATE: I just found this link for fingerless gloves on the Ultimate Sweater Machine. When I finish the gloves above, I'll use this pattern for the Red Heart Camouflage yarn. HOORAY!
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    Anonymous said...

    There are a couple glove patterns on Knitty as well, don't forget. I've never tried Magic Loop on Denise needles; sounds like a great idea. Duh!

    - MJ