Monday, October 24, 2005

More Peaceful Palms Patterns

MJ from recommended even more patterns for the Peaceful Palms Knitalong! I visit all the time but didn't think to check out their archive section for gloves/mittens. Great thanks to MJ! I love the Broad Street Mittens which look similar to MagKnit's Urban Necessity but it doesn't get that cold down here. I really like the Voodoo Wrist Warmers and have bookmarked them for future knitting. I think they would be a great accessory to wear while blogging!

Peaceful Palms Update:
I'm still poking along on my first fingerless glove from Weekend Knitting. I've gone back to using DPNs and I gave up on perfecting the garter stitch cuffs. It looks like I've seamed it up the side even though I'm knitting in the round. I tend to believe that the problems is I'm purling looser than I'm knitting. I got so tired of starting over that I'm ignoring it and moving on. I'm just a few rows away from the thumb gusset, hooray! My father is heading north on a trip. If I had made him the gloves with the camouflage yarn then he would have put them to good use. Sorry dad! :(

My progress with cuff problem:

With glove on, cuff problem still shows but the knit stitches look fine:

Shana's blog has made me jealous! She's actually using her Ultimate Sweater Machine where I just stare at mine and make swatches. She's making a new sweater and I can't wait to see the finished pictures! Here's a sweater that she completed earlier this month. I printed some Bond patterns from this site today (to add to my collection of printed patterns knit soon).

For Hr, who was having problems removing the scarf from the Knifty Knitter Loom, please check out the comment section for two bind-off links that show the Gathering Method and the Flat Removal Method.

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Kim said...

Hi, Springy --

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It looks like we are knitting gloves from the same pattern. I, too, had that "seamish" looking "thing" on my cuffs. It occurred right where I switched from purl to knit to purl in the cuff.

I have finished the gloves (I like the blue, too). I did find what I thought were a couple of errors in the pattern. I'll post them when I post the photo today or tomorrow. They were in the decreases on the thumb and one of the fingers and in the description of how to make a right-handed glove. And for some reason, my index and middle fingers were too long at first. But I do like the gloves. It's so cold here I've already worn them.

Yours look great!