Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ultimate Sweater Machine Halloween Patterns/Motifs

Here are USM links with Halloween patterns for pumpkins and motifs for black cats, witches, and more to use on your own knitting projects. I'm really miffed that Bond-America did not have one Halloween project. Why do they have so few projects for their knitting machine?

  • About's Halloween Items: includes black cats, a bat, a ghost, pumpkins, and a witch.
  • Pumpkin from the Ahren's Family.
  • Pumpkin Purse another cute project from the Ahren's Family.
  • A pumpkin ornament for your pumpkin tree?
    Pumpkin Ornament from Knitted Threads.
  • Apparently this is an older episode (pre Urban Knitter days) and my TIVO can't find a replay listing for it but take a look at Lily Chin with her knitted Wonder Woman costume on this page! Now if I only looked like her!

    MONSTER WREATH: This pattern is not written for the Ultimate Sweater Machine but I can't pass it up (plus I'm sure two donut shapes on the USM in a novelty yarn would work). Check out this Monster Wreath by callakat.

    Click here for more Ultimate Sweater Machine information.
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